MW IndustriesIncreasherspring製造能力  

  • 結合COMPANY WILL利用現有的自動化和製造能力為全世界的行業提供彈簧和電線表格  

北卡羅來納州夏洛特,威斯康星州和格林維爾,2021年11月1日 -MW Industries,Aleading Precision Compo亚搏体育vipnents的AleadingProvider,今天宣布了ApriCipalSupplierof Springs,電線表格和Flatsprings的收購Offox Valley Spring Company,LLC。      

10月29,2021和Expandsmw Industries具有彈簧和電線形式的自動化和製造能力的冠軍山穀春季春季興起。合並後的公司將提供廣泛的專業知識精確精度春季製造業,包括各種春季類型的延伸彈簧,扭轉彈簧,電線形式和模具彈簧。 Fox Valley Spring will join MW Components, the division of MW Industries focusing on manufacturing highly engineered precision components at speed and scale.     

“ Fox Valley Spring是眾所周知的,因為他們的經驗增強了最高質量的定製彈簧。 Fox Valley Spring’s technology and expertise will allow us to better support our customers as they seek custom springs made from specialty materials, manufactured to tighter tolerances,” said Simon Newman, CEO of MW Industries. “We’re thrilled to welcome Fox Valley Spring to the family and look forward to growing together as we provide more products and services to our customers.”     

Fox Valley Springcompanyis是全國認可的專家Incustom Spring Manufacturing。借助ThelatestCNC盤繞和自動化技術,Fox Valley Springcan在一次操作中製造了複雜的精密彈簧。 The expert engineering and manufacturing professionals at Fox Valley Spring can design and manufacture custom springs to each customer’s unique requirements.     

“我們的目標一直是為我們的客戶提供最好的產品和服務 - 加入MW家族使我們比以往任何時候都更能為他們做更多的事情。”“作為一家公司,我們的客戶現在將能夠從任何MW地點購買產品,並要求Springsthat LeaverageourCapability以及MW家族提供的產品。 We’re excited to provide those resources to our customers and bring our capabilities to serve the greater MW customer base.”     




MW Industries Group公司在全球擁有30多個製造設施,交付了當今工程師的精確組成部分,需要做最好的工作。該業務為全球75多個國家 /地區的19,000多家企業提供服務,以及像生命科學,汽車,航空航天,電子和能源等各種各樣的業務。我們有一個無易泄漏的野心,可以準確地提供客戶的需求。 So whether they want to partner with us on developing a next-generation product or need one of our thousands of stock parts for immediate delivery, we can help.       


Fox Valley Spring已成為定製春季製造業的全國公認領導者,已有30多年的曆史了。 We leverage the latest CNC spring coiling, automation, and design techniques to produce springs to the exact dimensions and requirements our customers request. With a diverse product line including extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, die springs, and flat springs, we serve customers in a variety of industries. Our continuous investment in new technology and processes has allowed us to meet the needs of customers across the country as they source the highest quality components. 



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